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We stock a huge range of ATV attachments suited to the agricultural industry, landscapers, the equestrian market and just as an amenity. The range caters for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs. 

Our products ensure you get the full potential from your ATV investment.

Some of the attachments we offer are as follows:     

Wydale Feeder    Walco Spreader   Snow Plough   Slug Master   Yard Scraper

         Wydale Feeder                       Walco Spreader                        Snow Plough                                Slug Master                  Yard Scraper



 Sheep Snacka     Round Bale Trailer    Quad Roller    Calf/Sheep Staller   Nugent Utility Trailer

      Sheep Snacka                             Round Bale Trailer                      Quad Roller                      Calf/Sheep Staller              Nugent Utility Trailer


JFC Quad Trailer    Tow Behind Mower    Gamberini Spreader    Fimco Sprayer   Chain Harrow

   JFC Quad Trailer                             Tow Behind Mower                Gamberini Spreader                   FIMCO Sprayer              Chain Harrow


CDAX Sprayer 3m Boom     Weed Wiper

  CDAX Sprayer 3M Boom          Weed Wiper/Eliminator        

If you have interest in any of the above products, please do not hesitate to contact Gerard at our offices on 023-8841374 or on mobile 086-2531080.